It’s Hurricane Season: Important Insurance Tips for Homeowners

The start of hurricane season is just about here. In addition to the standard hurricane preparation (flashlights, batteries, radios, bottled water, etc.Hurricane-Damage, lawyer attorney insurance claims, Mobile AL) the law firm of Boteler, Finley & Wolfe offers the following tips to help prepare for post hurricane insurance claims. 1. Locate your homeowner and auto-insurance policies and make sure they are in a waterproof or sealed bag. 2. Program claim reporting telephone numbers into your phone including your agents number. 3. Do a “video inventory” of each room in your house. Also in each room video the ceiling to show no “pre-exiting” water stains. 4. Video the exterior of your home and if possible the condition of the roof. 5. Download a copy of the videos to a flash drive that can be stored in a safe and waterproof container. 6. If a claimable loss occurs, document the damage immediately by video or photographs and then undertake reasonable steps and procedures to minimize any additional damage. 7. Report the claim as soon as possible. 8. For more helpful tips related to homeowner claims, visit the Boteler, Finley & Wolfe web site.