Tomorrow in Alabama Almost 100 People Will Be Hurt in a Car Accident

Based on historical statistics from the Alabama Department of Public Safety, everyday in Alabama 99 people are hurt or killed in a motor vehicle accident. The agency reports over 35,000 people in Alabama will be injured in the projected 125,000 motor vehicle accidents in our State and approximately 1,000 people will be killed in these crashes. That averages out to be about 99 people a day! In the majority of these accidents victims or their family members will be facing an insurance claim to recover for their injuries and damages. Insurance claims can quickly become complex and legally confusing. Various insurance coverages may be available yet victims can not rely on the insurance company for help or guidance on how to best use these benefits. And what about an attorney? How does a victim find the best attorney in the fog of lawyer ads? auto accident attorney in Alabama, victim's handbook, lawyer mobile The BF&W publication for auto-crash victims can help. Our free 24 page publication, Motor Vehicle Accidents: A Victim’s Handbook, provides car crash victims with easy to understand explanations of insurance coverage, claim procedures and the legal basis for various claims. There is even a Chapter on Hiring an Attorney that provides specific information and details on how to cut through the clutter of TV advertisements and select the best attorney. Since it was originally written by Mark Wolfe in 1994, this publication has been updated numerous times and over 50,000 copies have been published and distributed to the public. At BF&W we recognize not every auto-crash victim may need or want an attorney, but we believe every auto-crash victim should know their rights under the law and have a basic understanding of how the insurance claim process works. If you, or a friend or family member, have been involved in a motor vehicle collision we would encourage you to call and order a free copy of this publication or download it from our web site: