Whittier v. Amercian Honda Motor Company Inc.

U.S. District Court, Southern District of Georgia, Brunswick Division, Case Number: 2:13 CV-0051-LGW-JEG – Products Liability – Automotive This automobile products liability case involved a defective ignition lock-out system in a 2004 Honda Pilot. The ignition lock-out system on a vehicle is designed to prevent the transmission from slipping out of park and rolling when the vehicle is running or is turned off. On October 20, 2011 Ms. Whittier reached inside her vehicle to turn it off after unloading her luggage. The vehicle was in park but when she turned off the motor the defective ignition lock-out system allowed the vehicle to jump out of park and the vehicle rolled over her. She received severe leg injuries which required surgery and the placement of titanium rods and plates. She was out of work for a year while recovering from the injuries. Mark Wolfe of Boteler, Finley & Wolfe handled the case for her and used automotive expert Gerald Rosenbluth of Automotive Consulting Services, Inc. to document the defect and assemble an exemplary ignition system that did not have the defective components. Roy J. Boyd, Jr., of Killian & Boyd P.C. in Brunswick, GA served as local counsel for Ms. Whittier. After six months of litigation, the parties agreed to a voluntary mediation of the case. Charles K. Reed of Hennig Mediation & Arbitration Services, Inc. served as the mediator for the case and he was able to help the parties reach a settlement. At the request of Ms. Whittier, the parties agreed not to disclose the amount of the settlement.