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Since 1987 the lawyers at Boteler Richardson Wolfe-Injury Lawyers have been helping injury victims and insurance claimants recover the full amount of benefits they are owed. As part of our mission to help those in need, we’ve written and published several legal guides for injury victims. These guides are not intended to be a substitute for a free legal consultation about an injury or wrongful death claim but rather to help victims and their families better understand the legal principles and the process related to their potential insurance claim.

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Hard copies of these publications can be requested by calling 251 433-7766. [All BRW publications are registered and subject to State and Federal copyright laws.]

This 16 page guide provides an overview of important information you need to know about your auto-crash insurance claim.  It includes the following chapters: (It also has important reminders on the back cover for what to do at the accident scene.)

  • General Information About Insurance Claims
  • Types of Auto-Insurance Coverages
  • Property Damage Claims
  • Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Claims
  • Understanding Computer Claim Evaluation Programs
  • Information About Hiring an Attorney, and
  • Preparing For and Providing a Recorded Statement

Originally published in 2012 as a replacement for Motor Vehicle Collisions: A Victim’s Handbook (1994-2012), this guide was written by Mark Wolfe to more specifically address insurance questions and issues faced by car crash victims. A copy of this publication is provided or downloaded, at no charge, almost every day of the week!

Guide to Auto Crash Insurance Claims

This 10 page guide provides injured workers with a complete overview of Alabama Workers Compensation benefits as well as how benefits are determined and calculated. It also contains a list of ten important rights afforded to injured workers in Alabama under the law. Since it’s initial publication in 2014 over 5,000 copies of this guide have been provided to the public at no charge.

This 10 page guide was a product of the firm’s involvement in the BP Oil Spill litigation in 2010. With a high volume of clients involved in the litigation, the lawyers at BRW wanted a way to explain the Mass Tort Litigation process to those clients and future mass tort litigation clients. This guide, 1) explains the difference between a class action claim and a mass tort claim, 2) explains in detail how a mass tort case is prosecuted, and 3) how to select the right mass tort lawyer for your potential claim.

Publications are provided free and without compensation and intended strictly for individual users. All material is protected by applicable State and Federal copyright laws and can not be reproduced, copied, duplicated and/or replicated for use by other attorneys and/or insurance companies without consent of Boteler Richardson Wolfe. Note: Readers are reminded that the laws of each State or jurisdiction can be different.





Experience helping injury victims and insurance claimants for over 25 years.


Reasonable contingency fees and we are paid only if we win your claim or case.


Higher net recovery ratio for our clients. I.e., more money for our clients when the claim or case is resolved.