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Did you know the Interstate 10 and Interstate 65 corridor and intersection is one of the nation’s busiest for 18-wheelers?   More than 1 million registered carriers are on the road in this country at any time, with hundreds crossing the state of Alabama daily. Accidents involving tractor-trailer rigs, semi-trucks or 18-wheelers occur for a number of reasons. The sheer size and weight of large trucks can often result in devastating injuries or even loss of life.

Alabama is rated by trucking drivers as one of the country’s most dangerous states, with long stretches of roadway and regulations allowing rig drivers 11 hours behind the wheel. 

Did you know that trucking companies have hundreds of safety regulations they must follow to protect others on the roadways? Yet over the past ten years in Alabama the number of trucks involved in accidents with injury or fatality has jumped 80%.  (Source: Alabama Department of Transportation- Drive Safe Alabama 2018)  Other statistics suggest one of every ten people involved in a truck accident in Alabama will be killed. 

Even though there are hundreds of safety regulations applicable to big trucks and commercial vehicles, the time period for documenting compliance is often very short. This means critical post-crash evidence such as the electronic information in a truck’s computer system can be lost or discarded if not subjected to an appropriate and precise preservation of evidence request.  We can identify what safety rules and regulations may apply in order to draft a compliant request and ensure critical evidence is maintained.

The attorneys at BRW have years of experience in these cases and know how to battle the big trucking companies and adjusters to navigate filing a claim, negotiating a settlement and recovering the compensation you need .


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