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Working hard to support a family means putting yourself and often your safety on the line.

Many jobs especially in industrial environments can offer the potential for injury resulting in disability or even death.  If you’ve had a serious injury, BRW understands you need support to ensure your current and future medical needs are covered.

Workers compensation benefits are likely available, but what are those benefits and how does the claim process work? What about reporting and documenting the injury? What about the long term physical limitations from the injury? Knowing your rights related to an on the job injury claim and knowing what you need to do to insure benefits are received quickly reduces stress on you and your family.  

At BRW, our attorneys provide a free and confidential consultation to injured workers that will help you understand the various benefits available under your workers compensation plan and what you need to do to make sure benefits are properly and full received.  We’ve handled cases involving defective equipment, forklift accidents, chemical spills, hazardous work conditions, employee misconduct, explosions, electrocutions and other on-the-job accidents.

Injured workers may have additional claims if the injuries were caused by someone other than a co-employee , and a free consultation may help identify those potential benefits.

The worker’s compensation laws are designed to reimburse employees who are injured as a result of their employment and are therefore unable to perform the work that accompanies that employment.

Generally private employers are obligated to have workers’ compensation insurance if they have 5 or more employees.

You MUST provide your employee of notice of the injury generally within 5 days in order to receive benefits.  This time may be extended under some circumstances. 

Compensatory benefits, medical benefits and death benefits

Temporary partial benefits, temporary total benefits, permanent partial benefits and/or permanent total benefits.  The nature and extent of your injuries will determine which benefit(s) you may be entitled to.

Generally speaking, yes.  The Alabama Workers’ Compensation framework does not take into consideration fault by the parties.  Some people refer to this as a ‘no fault system”.

You have 2 years from the date of the injury or 2 years from the date of your last temporary total disability payment, whichever is greater.

No.  The circuit court of each county has jurisdiction over workers’ compensation cases and trials are conducted without a jury. 

The judge in your case will ultimately decide what percentage of disability your injury has caused you based upon a number of factors.   This will dictate the actual dollar amount of your case. 

No.  Surprisingly, the value of your case will depend upon which area of your body is injured.  Injuries to some body parts are listed on a schedule and are called “scheduled injuries”. Other body parts are called “unscheduled injuries”.  The values for these injuries can be vastly different.  This is an area that can often be complicated and should be reviewed by an experience workers compensation attorney. 


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