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Any time someone is killed by the carelessness or negligence of another, a potential wrongful death claim exists. These claims can arise from a car wreck, a defective product, from a medical procedure or faulty medical drug or device, or from some other event or occurrence.

Not only is the victim robbed of his or her life, but a family is left behind struggling with the loss of a breadwinner:  the ability to make ends meet and continue financially is often in jeopardy.

Wrongful death claims won’t bring that loved one back, but can help ease some of the financial burden caused by the loss, hold wrongdoers accountable and ensure others don’t suffer from a similar situation.

As difficult as the loss of a loved one may be, it is important to remember that documenting and preserving evidence as soon as possible is critical.   Claims may be made by surviving spouses, children, parents, grandparents and siblings on behalf of the deceased.

At BRW we use a simple no cost retainer agreement that allows our lawyers and investigators to immediately begin working on a wrongful death claim.  Our team will help you understand your rights, work candidly on a realistic plan of action, and help you through next steps.

If a viable claim does exist then a contingency fee arrangement can be discussed at a more appropriate time.


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