Sometimes it Pays to Get a Second Opinion on Your Legal Matter!

BRW attorney Mark Wolfe recently helped a client that had her auto-crash claim turned down by a law firm that advertises heavily on TV and billboards. Ms. B. had called the TV law firm right after her crash. A man had run a stop sign and hit her car. She suffered injuries to her foot and ankle as well as bruises to her chest from the seat belt and she had a neck strain. The TV law firm declined her potential claim because the accident report stated the at-fault driver did not have liability insurance. Also, it appeared that Ms B. did not have uninsured motorist coverage* for her auto-policy on her car. On the recommendation of a friend, Ms. B. contacted Mark Wolfe who conducted an insurance coverage investigation. He was able to locate coverage for Ms. B.’s injury claim and prosecuted the claim on her behalf. Wolfe, stated, “because some of the TV law firms work on such a high volume of potential cases through their intake centers, they miss or do not have time to dig a little deeper to try and find coverage.” He went on to say, “TV lawyers and law firms certainly have a place in our legal community and they can be a good option for smaller or less complex claims and cases, but sometimes their intake protocol and review procedures don’t fit every matter.” As Ms. B. found out, sometimes it pays to get a second legal opinion on your claim or case!

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*Ala Code Section 32-7-23 requires all policies of automobile insurance sold in Alabama to provide uninsured motorist (UM) coverage UNLESS it is specifically rejected in writing on the application. Without the noted rejection of  UM coverage, it will be afforded.


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