Estate of Pierce v. Monumental Life Ins Co., Claim Number 07003142

Type of Case: Wrongful Denial of Life Insurance Benefits Facts: This claim involved a denial of accidental death benefits. After Mr. Pierce was killed in a motorcycle accident, his family made a claim for accidental death benefits under a life insurance policy issued by Monumental Life Insurance Company. The claim was denied based upon an “exclusion” in the policy. BF&W was retained by the family to investigate the denial of benefits. Mark Wolfe asked that the denial of benefits be reconsidered and he submitted supporting documents and legal citations which clearly showed the exclusionary provision cited by the company in its original denial was not applicable based upon the facts of the underlying accident. After reconsideration, the benefits were paid in full without need of litigation.

F&S Marine LLC v. Indemnity Insurance Company of NA, et al., CV 2009-900715

Type of Case: Wrongful Denial of Insurance Benefits Facts: This insurance benefit case involved a significant loss claim for F&S Marine LLC (F&S) at a shipyard job site in South Carolina. F&S submitted the claim for the loss and it was denied because the insurance company claimed F&S was not covered for the loss. Mark Wolfe of BF&W was retained by F&S to investigate and prosecute this matter. Pre-litigation attempts at resolution were not successful and a lawsuit was filed. Shortly after filing the lawsuit, a confidential settlement was reached in the matter.

Estate of Rose Clark v. Hartford Life Insurance Company, Claim Number: ADD-10900 49-59141

Type of Case: Wrongful Denial of Life Insurance Benefits Facts: This claim involved the denial of accidental death benefits. Ms. Clark died from a cerebral hemorrhage ten days after she had a fall at her house. At the hospital, and before her death, medical personnel indicated to her family that the cerebral hemorrhage appeared to be trauma related. Based upon these observations and comments, her daughters who were beneficiaries under an accidental death policy issued by Hartford, submitted a claim. After six months the claim was denied by Hartford because their adjuster did not believe the cerebral hemorrhage was of an “accidental origin.” Mark Wolfe of BF&W was retained to prosecute the appeal of the denied benefits. In support of the appeal, BF&W submitted a full set of relevant medical records including the digital CT scan related to the cerebral hemorrhage as well as affidavits from a radiologist and a neurosurgeon. Both doctors testified that based upon the medical records and the CT scan, the cerebral hemorrhage was of traumatic origin and consistent with a head trauma. After reviewing the documents and material submitted by BF&W, Hartford reversed its previous denial and paid the full amount of life insurance benefits owed along with accrued interest.