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Why You Should Have an Attorney Review Your Employment Contract

Why You Should Have an Attorney Review Your Employment Contract

There are many reasons you should have a proposed employment contract reviewed by an attorney. These reasons not only include fully understanding such terms as non-compete clauses or restrictive covenants, venue and choice of law terms, arbitration conditions, training repayment agreement provisions (commonly known as TRAPs) and compensation calculations. But having an employment contract reviewed by an attorney can provide you with an avenue or opportunity to modify the terms of the employment contract so it is a little more favorable for you. Many people who are confronted with an employment contract rush in and sign it without fully reviewing or understanding the terms and conditions of the contract. They are reluctant to have the contract reviewed for fear it may anger their new employer. Yet, having a contract reviewed by an attorney before signing demonstrates good judgment.  Your new employer had the contract you are about to sign drafted by their attorneys and they have their meaningful contracts reviewed by their attorneys

before signing, so you should not be afraid to do the same. Unfortunately, many times people don’t become aware of the details of their employment contract until they decide to leave employment or are terminated. Yes, an attorney can help in that situation as well but fully knowing the terms and conditions of your employment contract before you sign can greatly assist you when you choose to exit employment.

Mark Wolfe is an attorney with a practice that spans, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia. He has helped executives, doctors, engineers, nurses and salespeople with employment contract reviews and employment issue resolution. A typical employment contract review includes an initial consultation, a redline and highlight review of the contract and a post review consultation with suggestions for modifications.  He can even help negotiate the changes on your behalf. Call before you sign! 251 410-7761 or text 251 533-9548.

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