Be a Safe Driver This Holiday Weekend!

by Attorney Mark Wolfe

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Association there are over 6 million vehicle crashes per year in the United States. Those crashes will result in 3 million injuries and almost 37,000 deaths. Driving is dangerous. The highways are even more dangerous during holidays.

The Memorial Day weekend is considered one of the most dangerous for vehicle crashes. That’s because so many people are on the road traveling for the long holiday weekend. According to AAA more than 41.5 million Americans took to the roads over Memorial Day weekend in 2018. If you are going to be traveling this holiday weekend commit to being a safer driver before you start your journey. No texting and driving, limit distractions while driving, use your turn signals and cooperate with other drivers AND no driving under the influence! Be safe!

Here’s a quick reminder from our Guide for Auto-Crash Insurance Claims on what to do at the accident scene if you are involved in a crash.

Having a motor vehicle crash is never a planned event. Accident scenes can be chaotic with high levels of anxiety and worry. Yet being prepared and knowing what to do at the scene can make a big difference in how easy or difficult your insurance claim will be. Here are some important tips and reminders:

Stay calm. Getting upset only makes a bad situation more difficult. Maintain your composure even if the other person doesn’t.

Check for injuries and call the police. Even if the accident is minor call the police. Notify them of injuries so that they can call for medical assistance.

Don’t move an injured person – unless they are in immediate danger.

Don’t leave the scene of an accident. Even if the other driver says its okay. They could later file for injuries or you could be accused of a hit and run. Wait for the police to arrive and let them tell you when you can leave.

Try to protect the scene of the accident. Don’t move your vehicle unless it impedes traffic or it’s necessary to prevent further damage. (Have a kit with emergency cones, triangles or flares.)

Don’t blame the accident on anyone — including yourself. Even if you might be at fault, don’t say so to anyone. Give your full description of the accident only to the police officer.

Exchange information with the other driver. This includes:
-the license plate number, make, model & color of other vehicles
-names & addresses of all drivers/passengers
-drivers license numbers (note if driver is different from vehicle owner.)
-insurance company information.
-name and address of witnesses.

Use your smart phone. Capture the following if possible:
– take photos of the scene including any skid marks or gouge marks
– take photos of the damaged vehicles including, if possible, any interior damage
– take a video or audio statement from witnesses, get their contact information
– take photographs or video of any related traffic lights to document their function

Ask the officer how you can get a copy of the police report. Get the accident report as soon as possible and review it for accuracy

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